I hereby agree that by using Cash Winappio App Rewards may use the following personal data:

Registration data (email address, date of birth, gender)
Installed apps (including the use duration and use history)

The data is linked to your device via the device ID (GAID or IDFA) ransmitted to our servers in encrypted form. So that app providers can finance our app proposals, your device ID must be transferred to them for billing purposes. In order to measure the usage time as well as the installed apps, users can voluntarily upload screenshots from their mobile phone via the Winappio App Rewards, after which they will be automatically processed, evaluated, and stored in our system for your membership.

The processing of the above data is required in order to be able to suggest apps available in the Winappio App Rewardsthat match your interests, propose their installation via system notifications, and allow the bonuses earned from using said apps to be calculated. I am aware that the above data results in an interest profile, which, depending on the type of apps I use, may contain particularly sensitive personal data (such as health data or data on my sexual orientation as well as any other data from special categories defined in Art. 9 para. 1 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If necessary, a selfie is required (only with bonus payment) I understand that for reasons of fraud prevention, bonuses that I earn through the use of Cash Winappio App Rewards will only be possible after additional user verification via a selfie taken with my device's camera when I first request a bonus. My consent to the processing of my personal data therefore already applies to the processing of these photos. I acknowledge that selfies are also special-category personal data per Art. 9 para. 1 GDPR and expressly consent to the processing described below.

We use users' selfies exclusively for the purpose of fraud prevention and to ensure that bonuses have not been earned through the automated, fraudulent use of software. For this purpose, a photo (“selfie”) is saved when your face is recorded using your device's camera. We use the recording to create an individual and anonymous digital user ID (in the form of a hash value) that is not linked to your account and is used to check whether the bonus has actually been earned by a real person and whether this person has already requested or received a bonus with another account. For reasons of data economy, this is only necessary if you want to receive bonuses. If you do not want to receive bonuses, you can use Cash Winappio App Rewards fully without providing any selfies. The selfies will not be used by us for any other purposes and we will delete them 4 weeks after your bonus has been disbursed. In order determine if a selfie is required we use the devices Wildevine ID You will find further details about the use of personal data in the data privacy statement for the use of the ‘Cash Winappio’ app.